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To Customize Cellular Shades

Back In the days when affordable blinds and shades came to be introduced…

December 27 2018
Redesign Your Bedroom with Beds in a Bag

If, like me, you are not the world’s best bedroom designer, then…

October 05 2018
How to Make Healthy Trail Mix

Many people grab a bag of trail mix before going hiking. People also choose this…

August 29 2018
How to Use Vintage Fabrics to Decorate Your Home

Vintage fabrics are a great way to add some elegance into decorating…

August 22 2018
How to Style Up a Reception Area with the Best Furniture

The design of an area is the attractive feature it has for the visitors. The…

July 01 2018
Fenton Art Glass Unique in Character and Design

Fenton Art Glass inspires beauty and craftsmanship in the arts and crafts…

May 09 2018
How to Make a Repeating Tiled Pattern

Start with at least 2 copies of your original artwork. You may want a couple…

March 31 2018
Quick and Easy Decorated Valentine Cupcakes

Whether it’s for a class party, your coworkers or that special someone, nothing shows you…

February 10 2018