Redesign Your Bedroom with Beds in a Bag

If, like me, you are not the world’s best bedroom designer, then you might consider using bed in a bag sets. All that you could wish for is in one complete collection, matched or coordinated to your taste.
You need not take any risks. Your bedroom will end up looking as if it’s been featured in one of the top home design magazines – without damaging your bank balance.

If you prefer staying with prestigious designer names like Burlington House, Croscill, Lawrence, and Dan River, you will really be impressed with the fabrics and the meticulous detail.

One of the bed in a bags’ appeal is that they have higher thread counts of at least 200, giving you the optimum blend of comfort and durability.

Let’s turn to the elastic in the fitted sheets. In these superior sheets of these bed bag sets, the elastic do not run on just two sides, but right round the edges. So your sheet won’t come undone from the bed corners during the night. (Don’t you just enjoy waking up trapped inside your bed sheets?)

You should check the inventory to make sure what you’re getting. Most of the bed bags sets will include the sheets – flat and fitted – pillowcase(s), bed skirt, and comforter.

A large number of these superior beds in a bag sets will have matching accessories available as important optional extras. These include accent tables, area rugs, drapes, lamps and accent pillows. The tasteful little decorative pillows have a detail and elegance to add to your bedroom – prepare to be amazed!

You can choose a complete outfit that can fill your bedroom with matching accessories from the floor to the ceiling.

You’ll know the beds in a bag ensemble will suit your own taste to a “T”, – whether you’re Traditional, Tasteful or Trendy!

You will find that bed bags are frequently cheaper than if you were to purchase the items individually. But, above all, you can be confident that even the craziest, most exciting colors, patterns, fabrics and prints for your bedding and accessories are going to be perfectly matched and coordinated. With extraordinary ease, you can achieve the home design magazine look!

Extra coordinated solid pillow cases are easily available if, like a lot of people, you want more than the number provided in most bed bags. You can get them with extra detailing to match your overall color scheme. Matching pillow cases are provided in some of the best bed bag sets as optional extras.

You can put your artistic brain into overdrive and choose from a huge range of beds in a bag sets. So let’s examine two qualities, popular sets currently available.

Whether you select beds in a bag or individual items, you can rely on Dan River to design collections of superior bedding, and one example is the Monument Springs set. Featuring a large patchwork look comprising a faux suede comforter in beige, chocolate, tan and brown, it uses earth tones to provide a natural appearance.

These large patches of near-suede fabric don’t have the appearance of a quilted design. Additionally, they don’t have the issues found in cowhide, which can feel heavy and gets shiny over time; they look and feel totally natural. With a lightweight soft, cuddly feel, this suede-like fabric is extraordinarily durable.

You’ll sleep well at night – the sheets and pillow shams have solid light neutral tones produced in 210-thread count. To complete the set, there’s a 100% polyester bed skirt that’s in a solid brown earth tone. The comforter and bed skirt will need to be dry-cleaned, although you should machine-wash the sheets and pillow shams. All in all, this bed bag set is one of a kind. Once you see how well it graces your bedroom and adds style to your home, you’ll quickly fall in love with it.

Another bed in a bag set in the luxury class is the Tuscan design by Burlington House. With ivory and several shades of greens, it is a wonderful set, having 220 thread count cotton sheets and pillowcases.

There’s a lovely, small floral pattern edging the top sheet, creating the perfect accent to match the flat sheet. The olive green comforter drop section blends superbly into the color scheme if your bedroom has natural, earth colors. Whilst you can put the pillow cases and sheets in your washing machine, you should dry clean the comforter and the bed skirt.

You can be surprised and pleased with yourself when you see how easy you could complete your bedroom decor, using matching drapes, tables, lamps, area rugs, and a range of decorative accent pillows.

Nobody will realize that you didn’t hire a professional to design and decorate your perfect bedroom. It’ll be your secret. And, once you’ve set your mind on the superior bedding available in these sets, you’ll adore everything about them – the coordinated range of textures, the patterns, the colors – as well as the fabrics. And when your friends praise your home decorating skills… just smile!

Thinking of redesigning the soft furnishings in your bedroom? You really must look at beds in a bag. You will be truly surprised at the great potential they offer. You will enjoy reviewing the possibilities, and you can change the appearance to match the seasons so you’re not stuck with the same appearance throughout the year.

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