Fenton Art Glass Unique in Character and Design

Fenton Art Glass inspires beauty and craftsmanship in the arts and crafts industry. With elaborate color combinations, creative design, and valuable materials, Fenton has been able to revolutionize the world of art glass.

Unique Qualities

Fenton art glass is made using a creative technique that involves sand, chemicals and precious metals. The unique process incorporates sand, ash, lime, soda, and various chemicals to modify the color or characteristics of the glass. After the initial chemical combination is complete, the mixture of sand and chemicals is inserted into a 2500 degree furnace, and red hot molten glass is created. After this, a blocker shapes the glass and blows a bubble of air through a pipe into the molten glass. Then, a blower manipulates the glass into shape and places it into a mold by blowing into it. Finally, another worker takes the freshly pressed glass from the mold and reheats it so the final adjustments to the design can be made. What makes Fenton art glass so unique is the creative choice of metals and elements that are introduced into the mixture including: gold, silver, and even bone ash.

Unique Characteristics

Fenton uses some unique principles to create elaborate pieces of art glass. One of those techniques that results in art glass with a creative and artistic characteristic is hand swinging. A glass handler takes the molten glass and twirls it on the end of the pipe like a baton. Then, the handler uses centrifugal force to stretch the glass into a misshapen and totally unique design.

Another unique Fenton art glass technique uses a mold that has an embedded pattern which is transferred to the glass. After reheating the patterned glass, the glass is then blown into a second mold that is plain without a pattern. Due to temperature variations including chilling and reheating, the patterns can become opaque while the primary glass features remain clear. In addition, a skilled craftsman can spin a thin ring of different colored molten glass and attach it to the edge of the original art glass piece. After the glass begins to cool, a special tool can be used to crimp the outer edge of the unique masterpiece. Even though Fenton mass produces their art glass, each piece has been crafted by a single individual who shapes and designs the glass with unique characteristics.

Unique Samples

Fenton art glass has a design and artistic flavor all its own. Some unique samples of this form of art glass include: opaline (partially opaque but still translucent), opaque (looks opaque but still transmits light), and favrene (metallic swirls in primarily blue or green tones). These glamorous samples of art glass can also be hand painted by famous artists and artisans. These are truly one of a kind masterpieces.